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Coming Up: Eco Friendly Mercy Day

Posted: 10-Sep-2019

The logistics and coordination of a plastic-free, environmentally friendly Mercy Day are more challenging than might be immediately obvious, particularly when plans have to be made for feeding and lubricating 1200 girls and 150 staff (lunch is always provided on this special day). 

Moreover, it would not be Mercy Day at OLMC without the traditional treats and stalls, such as the highly favoured Fairy Floss and Snow Cone stalls. What does an eco-friendly fairy floss or snow cone require?

So far, many of these major challenges have been resolved. This is due to the research, persistence and problem-solving skills of varied organising groups. For example:

  • The fairly floss will be served on bio-degradable sticks, with no plastic protection;
  • The snow cones will be served in bamboo fibre cups that are 100% bio-degradable and compostable. The wooden spoons are made from plantation birch;
  • Lunches (sausage sizzle, falafels and salads) will be served with minimal packaging. Where plates are required, they will be made from sugarcane and bamboo pulp;
  • Milkshakes will continue to be on offer, but NO STRAWS!
  • All stalls have pledged to be devoid of single-use plastics.
Fashion is another area where the eco-friendly challenge will be evident. The Student Leaders are combatting waste and fast fashion through a Clothes Swap Stall. They have advised that most of us only wear about 20% of our wardrobe. Collection bins for clothes that we don’t wear anymore have been placed around the school, and they are filling fast. The stall is expected to be a fundraising bonanza!

The success of these endeavours will be evaluated and reported on early in Term 4. We hope to be reporting on some well received initiatives and highly satisfying outcomes.

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