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Mercy Day with a difference

Posted: 11-Sep-2020

Mercy Day will begin with a liturgy at 10.00am. Students and staff will meet in their pastoral groups via Google Meet, and will then link up in a live Youtube stream to participate in the liturgy with others.  Students and staff have received by post some materials that will facilitate meaningful, hands-on participation in the liturgy.

The time after Mass will involve a range of virtual activities.  We encourage students to join in and complete activities with some of their peers. We know that a sense of community is a key part of Mercy Day, and would like the girls to experience a taste of this through their activities. 

We encourage all students to rediscover their sense of fun.  So much of a ‘usual’ Mercy Day is about silliness, like jumping castles and the disco, and we want everyone to experience new ways of having fun together. A program of activities and options, sent to students and families by Monday September 14, will enable students to choose and chat about with their peers what they may like to join in, as well as give them preparation time.

This year, the Year 12 leaders have decided that any money raised will be donated to Mercy Works and families and girls may make a donation via a link if they choose. Mercy Works is involved in some very inspiring projects.  More information about this will be provided to students and staff in the days leading up to 17 September.

The day will conclude with a 2.00pm year level ‘meet’ run by the SRC. We are confident that the day will bring with it some much needed light relief  in what has been a challenging time for all at OLMC.

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