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Principal’s Emphatic Praise of Students

Posted: 23-Jun-2020

Normally at assemblies I speak of things that are important about being part of our Mercy community and expectations that come with living as people of Mercy.  I speak about the inspiration that we can all draw from Catherine McAuley, or Ursula Frayne.  But not today.

Today I would like to talk to you about YOU.  You have been amazing.  With only a day’s notice you moved into the Term 1 break and then resumed Term 2 wholly online.  You had to learn how to use new tools, develop new habits and figure out the best way to work at home.

Despite all this you arrived, mostly on time, for all your classes, you continued to complete work, and in some cases finished assessment tasks online.  You spent time with family, ate amazing lunches and learned to live at home in a new way.

You completed mandalas, participated in meditation, went for a run or rode a bike, all to be part of the OLMC community.  Some of you slept in your lounge room or garage to raise money for those who needed it.

You have shown so much courage in the ways you embraced a different way of learning. You were compassionate to each other and you were joyful in your participation in lots of the Pastoral and Wellbeing activities. Your sense of justice led some of you to participate in raising money in different ways for different needs.

If Catherine McAuley and Ursula Frayne visited our school during this time, I think that they would have been as proud of you as I am.  They would marvel at how resilient and adaptable you have been.  You have had a challenge set before you like nothing any other group of students has ever faced, and in no way were you found wanting. 

So often over the last few months the word ‘unprecedented’ has been used to describe the pandemic.  Today, we can say that we have a precedent of how students at OLMC can respond in challenging times.  Congratulations, you have set a precedent – you have established excellence as the way to manage challenge.

POSTSCRIPT. I extend a special note of gratitude to (and admiration for) our Student Leaders, who worked tirelessly and creatively to ensure that students across all year levels were able to have some fun, stay connected and maintain motivation in a very disrupted and difficult time. Girls, your efforts were exceptional and your achievements multiple. Thank you.

Judith Weir


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