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Yarning Circle at OLMC

Posted: 01-Jul-2020

At lunchtime on 25 June, 53 students gathered for a yarning circle with Aboriginal elders, Vicki Clark and Sherry Balcombe. This Google Meet gathering, held across two classrooms, enabled our students to discuss and seek direction from Sherry and Vicki regarding their questions and their personal and collective actions for reconciliation.

As committed students, they are reviewing OLMC’s FIRE Carrier Covenant, which holds OLMC’s action plan for reconciliation. The students wanted to know from Vicki and Sherry how they could create change and build awareness in our own community around issues of reconciliation. They also inquired about how to stand up against casual racism amongst their family and friends.

Vicki and Sherry both affirmed and stretched their thinking and their hearts. Our students were urged to understand the need for treaty and they were thanked for acts of solidarity. Vicki and Sherry also sought their support for the Opening the Doors Foundation, which is desperately in need of support to ensure the education of Aboriginal young people.

I was immensely proud of our students and the sensitive and courageous way they engaged around issues of injustice, as well as their wonderful openness to learning. This was confirmed by Sherry, who sent the following message after the Yarning Circle:

Great young ladies. Very inspirational. I have faith in the future. Thank them sincerely from me. Sherry

Kate Garrone

Faith and Mission Coordinator



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